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Sharon Gallagher, MTS

Sharon Gallagher is Professor of Christianity and the Media at New College Berkeley. In addition to media studies, Sharon often teaches on women’s issues. She received her B.A. from Westmont College in Santa Barbara and her M.T.S. from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley. She is the author of Finding Faith: Life-Changing Encounters with Christ, a book that explores ``the mystery and miracle of conversion” through the stories of mid-life converts. She is also editor of the new book Where Faith Meets Culture: A Radix Magazine Anthology.

Sharon is also the editor and film critic for Radix magazine, Where Christian Faith Meets Contemporary Culture. In addition to reviewing films, she has interviewed many cultural icons, including: Mother Teresa, Garrison Keillor, Wendell Berry, Anne Lamott, and Madeleine L’ Engle. She has also written reviews and articles for Eternity, Sojourners, The Christian Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, Daughters of Sarah, and other publications. She was Film and Arts editor for Sojourners Magazine for two years and her Mars Hill column (media reviews) ran for five years in Eternity magazine. She has contributed essays on Movies to The Dictionary of Practical Christianity (InterVarsity: 1997) and on Movies and Feminism for The Encyclopedia of Christian Ethics (Thomas Nelson: 1986). She has contributed chapters to the books, Our Struggle to ServeWhat They Did Right, and The Best Preaching on Earth.

In addition to teaching at N.C.B., Sharon has taught classes at schools including Regent College and Ontario Theological Seminary and given chapel talks and lectures at many colleges and seminaries, including Fuller Theological Seminary and Gordon Conwell. She has presented on Mystery, Morality and Meaning: What Woody Allen and Others are Saying About Our Culture for the Hope College Veritas Forum and served as a panelist at the City of the Angels Film Festival.

Classes she has taught at New College Berkeley include Women Empowered to Serve, Celtic Christian Spirituality, and Writing Your Journey.

She was on the founding board of New College Berkeley and Evangelicals for Social Action.