PRAYER for the 40th Anniversary of New College Berkeley

O God, we pause in our journey of 40 years at New College Berkeley to thank you for accompanying us along the way and for inspiring these visionary founders, leaders, supporters, and students to make this a special place of learning and discipleship. Our work is not done, but we pause to recognize that this has been an enterprise built upon deep and abiding faith in you.

We have been reminded that life-long learning adds richness and luster to our individual lives, but also that the study of the mysteries of our faith provides an unending opportunity to deepen our understanding and improve the way that we transport faith into service to others.

We give thanks for the amazing and diverse persons who have taught in our educational programs over the years, exploring with us the challenging texts of our tradition, revealing the intricacies and complexities of the human mind and spirit, discovering our religious heritage as it is robustly expressed in the arts, building in us the practical skills of ministry.

We give thanks that in our community this distinctive voice of Christian witness has provided inviting and nurturing opportunities for lay leaders and seekers to come more deeply in touch with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And Lord, we ask that you bless and inspire us to think deeply about what we might do to make the next 40 years of New College Berkeley fruitful, sustainable, adventurous, and creative.

Bless this fellowship with the presence of your Spirit, which draws us together in unity of purpose and hope.